Why do I get heel pain when I start to run?

Why do I get heel pain when I start to run? A lot of runners/sportspeople experience pain at the back of the heel as they get going on a run. Sometimes it can feel like your shoes are on too tight and digging into your heel. More likely, it could be a condition called...

When Physios hurt their backs!

It has been an interesting experience as a Physio with 25 years’ experience having recently injured my lower back worse than ever before. I have been treating people with these injuries for many years but gained some interesting new insights from the other side of the...

Preparing for a walking holiday

Tom Anthoney, our Practice Principal, has just returned from a 5-day hike in sunny Queensland. Hiking from Noosa, 95kms to Rainbow Beach. He carried a pack weighing in at 20kg, which included all his food, tent, cooking gear and First Aid Kit. So, what’s the best way...

Have you got the strength to power through?

Do you get part way through your trainings or games and start to get sore/tight for no apparent reason? It may not be that something is damaged, it may be you need to build up the strength of a particular muscle group! Our muscles help us to move, dodge and burst into...

Does rubbing our shin splints really work? – NO

Does it really hurt? - YES Shin splints is an umbrella term generally used to categorise different types of shin pain, and with pre-season kicking off and all of the dry/hard ovals around the place, this is the time of year people tend to have this complaint! Tight...

Hamstring injury: could it be back related?

The short answer is yes, hamstring injuries can be back related, and in almost all hamstring cases there would be some involvement whether directly or indirectly from our back and nerves.

Stiff Back…. do I need a new bed??

Unless you are sleeping in a hammock or a super soft bed with no support, often the bed is not the
problem. Its you. Sorry –it’s a sign your body is not happy.

Ice or heat for my stiff neck?

When we get an injury we all want some relief, but we also want to make sure we aren’t doing any more damage to the area and to know that what we are doing is beneficial.

But what about when you’ve woken up and your neck feels ‘locked’?

4 easy tips to ease neck/back pain

Take a “Smoko”!

THAT got your attention :). Now, when your work colleagues get up and go outside for a ‘smoke break’, get up and go with them. Be sure to stand ‘up wind’, but a short break, regularly from our seated work posture is the best way to give your neck and back muscles a break.

What is craniosacral therapy?

In a nutshell these techniques generally use light touch in order to release tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that targets the core muscles of our body, and teaches our body to function in a normal way while these core muscles support our spine to prevent any unnecessary twinges and strains.

Winter Sports – Prevent the ‘ouch’!!

As the weather cools, the football, netball and hockey seasons are hotting up.
To best prepare yourself (and/ or your children) there are some simple rules to follow.

How to look after injuries…

Acute injuries can be very painful.
Doing the right things in the early stages and avoiding some common no-no’s can really help.

How to use your Posture Pole

Posture Poles are the best invention in 20 years!! And it is an Australian invention 🙂

My first recommendation for those who have a posture pole is to start by lying on it for……….3 minutes max.