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Physio for Willunga, McLaren Vale & Aldinga

Willunga Physiotherapy Services

Our team of Physiotherapists use a unique approach that you may not have seen before. We are super thorough, to make you feel better by solving the cause of your pain or injury. We will explain what’s wrong and create a plan just for you. And we’ll make sure that you understand what you should and should not be doing to best help your recovery. But don’t worry it’s not all just “do these exercises!”
We are “hands on” Physios, who still use massage, mobilisation and gentle manipulation to help get you moving again.
We also use Dry Needling. And every client gets an exercise that helps ( but only 1 or 2, we promise)

Willunga Physio’s Mission

We work with people helping them feel better and stay better.

We strive to create a welcoming, successful, informative and positive team environment.

Because everybody matters

Willunga Physio Open Hours

Monday & Wednesday
8.30am – 7.30pm

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
8.30am – 5.30pm

Back and Neck Pain Physio in Willunga

You can expect sports massage, mobilisation, dry needling AND exercises here to solve your back and neck pain.

We specialise in ‘pinched’ and ‘trapped’ nerves, eg Sciatica and are known for our gentle nerve release treatments.

You will receive treatment, advice and strategies to help you feel better and stay better.

Once you are out of pain we offer “Tune Up” services to keep you feeling good

And you can do Clinical Pilates and Strengthening exercises right  here in our full equipped studio

Hydrotherapy for McLaren Vale, Willunga and Aldinga

If you have pain and limited movement then hydrotherapy is a great way to get moving and strengthen again in the warm supportive water under guidance of one of our Physiotherapists.
Hydro helps to improve your strength, your flexibility, balance and confidence.
Available: On Tuesdays and Fridays
At the heated Seaford Swimming Pool… just 12 mins from our clinic
You will get 1: 1 close supervision initially and may then join the group / classes ..they’re always fun.
Our Hydro Physio is available to private clients or clients covered by a third party such as Return To Work SA (RTWSA), Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), Department Veteran Affairs (DVA) and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).


Thorough Assessment

We consider your body as a whole and treat the cause of the condition, not just where it hurts.   We explain what we find and how it relates to your condition.

Be involved in your treatment

We give all clients strategies to help accelerate their recovery, stretching exercises, postural advice etc.  We are happy to teach partners/family how to help too.


Value your health

We spend time with our clients (Standard Consultations are 1/2 hour).

We offer high quality services and feel that our skills, experience and service are valuable.


Clear Communication

We will discuss your options and explain what is wrong. Then we will discuss what we think is the best way to go about getting it sorted fast!

Physio in McLaren Vale Region

Our Physios offer a wide range of services including:


    Hands on Physio, in clinic with 3 experienced Physios and a masseur.


    Clinical Pilates and Rehabilitation

    with 1:1 Physio Pilates and small groups ( no more than 2-3 people)


    Home Visits

    We come to you, with our portable Physio table, exercise equipment and supplies. Ideal for an elderly parent,and people who can’t drive eg people recovering from Surgery. We regularly travel to Aldinga, Sellicks, McLaren Vale, and Mount Compass


    Nursing Home and Home Care Services

    (we are registered providers with Life Care and Resthaven)


    Manual Handling and Back Care Classes

    Safe lifting, Office Ergonomics and Posture Exercises in wineries & workplaces

    Physio Pilates and Exercises in Mclaren Vale Region

    Yes you can do Clinical Pilates Programs at Willunga Physio and claim a private health rebate. We call these sessions ‘Physio Exercise Therapy’ (PET) sessions as they are specifically designed by your Physio to address your individual needs.

    • Your program may incorporate exercises
    • On the Pilates Reformer
    • On the Trapeze Table
    • Using weights
    • On balance boards
    • For Bone Density

    We never have more than 3 people In our Exercise Studio at a time, so you can concentrate on you. Our Physios have special qualifications in Clinical Pilates, obtained through Dance Medicine Australia. Programs are designed to increase spinal strength and stability as well as postural awareness. They are also useful to ease lower back pain and assist patients to move more freely. Generally 2 or 3 individual supervised sessions are required with the physio to establish a program of exercises for you. Patients can then continue the exercises ,at times that suit them, seeking physio input as required. You are welcome to call in and check out the studio.

    Willunga Physio Services

    Comprehensive Assessment

    Your Physio will listen carefully and will take you through a thorough physical examination.

    Sports Injuries

    Our team of Physiotherapists have all been involved with sports and sporting teams at many levels.

    Understanding Pain

    In recent years we have learnt lots more about pain.

    Clinical Pilates

    Our Physios have special qualifications in Clinical Pilates, obtained through Dance Medicine Australia.

    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling relies on the stimulation of specific reactions in the target tissue for its therapeutic effect, this has found to be effective for relief of pain in muscles and connective tissue.

    Headache Treatment... The Watson Method

    We use the “Watson Method” to identify whether your headache may be neck related.This involves taking a detailed history and a thorough examination. Our examination will check if the joints in your neck, nerves or muscles may be at fault.


    Our Physio team can support people reach their goals whilst living with the challenges of disabilities and chronic conditions.

    Physio in Aldinga Region

    Our ‘step by step’ process is designed to offer you rapid and sustainable results.

    We consider your body as a whole and treat the cause of the condition, not just where it hurts. We explain what we find and how it relates to your condition.

    As part of our thorough assessment we check:  Nerves, Muscles and Joints (including the spine) leaving nothing to chance.

    We make a list of all the potential causes of your problem, and then systematically test these to identify what is ‘driving’ your problem.

    Importantly, your “driver” may not be in the area of your pain, That is why our whole body approach is so important, and ensures we get results your after

    Willunga Physio Team

    Tom Anthoney

    Principal Physiotherapist

    Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio), Member Australian Physiotherapy Association

    Tom Daw


    Bachelor in Physiotherapy