Clinical Pilates

Physio Exercise Therapy specifically for you.

Yes you can do Clinical Pilates Programs at Willunga Physio and claim a private health rebate.

We call these sessions ‘Physio Exercise Therapy’ (PET) sessions as they are specifically designed by your Physio to address your individual needs.

Your program may incorporate exercises

  • On the Pilates Reformer
  • On the Trapeze Table
  • Using weights
  • On balance boards
  • Warming up/cooling down

We never have more than 2 people I our Exercise Studio at a time, so you can concentrate on YOU!

Our Physios have special qualifications in Clinical Pilates, obtained through Dance Medicine Australia

Programs are designed to increase spinal strength and stability as well as postural awareness. They are also useful to ease lower back pain and assist patients to move more freely.

Generally 2 or 3 individual supervised sessions are required with the physio to establish a program of exercises for you.

Patients can then continue the exercises on their own, at times that suit them, seeking physio input as required

You are welcome to call in and check out the studio.