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Physiotherapist and Receptionist Positons

currently available



-Permanent position

(We are always hiring, as there is always a position for the right physiotherapist here at Willunga Physio. 

We’re looking for:

Physiotherapists with a special interest in any muscular skeletal niche.

e.g. Women’s Health, Neuro Physio, TMJ, Dizziness – Balance, Pilates etc.

We believe that ‘niche‘ services are the way of the future, and are happy to support you in developing your niche.

Physiotherapists with personality, who value work/ life balance.

When we come to work, we work hard, and when we are not at work we have other interests.

Physiotherapists who are keen to learn and to share their experiences – with the team and our local network of allied health providers.

Job Description:

Enjoy working in our tailor made, and multi award winning small practice.

Physiotherapists each have their own dedicated consulting room, with state-of-the-art equipment and hygiene procedures.

We enjoy 60 minute initial consultations and 30 minute follow ups.

We have dedicated coffee breaks, at 11am and 3 pm where we down tools together, with 1hr for lunch (Darts is not compulsory).

We spend this time to discuss tricky clients, sharing coffee and whatever else is going on in the world.

Yep you can be part of this – all in one place.
You tell us, when you would like to work!
We can be flexible for the right person.



We have a unique Tiered fee schedule,

e.g. The greater your experience, the higher your fees. (see our current fees)

This allows for regular pay increments, as your experience grows and for natural career progression.

We have a beautiful, north facing Pilates studio, and room to grow our current Pilates/exercise therapy options.

We do not offer sports team coverage or Saturday work anymore unless that’s what you’re passionate about.

Manual Therapy

We are manual therapists, and literally “roll up our sleeves”  and use our hands to treat clients.

We combine hands-on therapy, with “best practice” exercise therapy / advice.

And a few jokes / anecdotes / stories smile


We use a unique 5 step process,  that involves an uber thorough Physio Assessment  (Nerves – Muscles – Joints) 

See the 1 minute video for an insight.

We will provide you with 4 weeks of training in our unique five step process before you commence work here.

This will allow at least four weeks notice for your current employer and clients.

You will then enjoy regular mentoring/In-service training and a structured career pathway


We engage all Physios as employees, on “above award” hourly rates.  This hourly rate applies to all hours worked – including training time.
We have long appointments (60 minute Initials, 30 min follow ups).  So we see fewer clients and endeavour to do a better job with all of them.
We are also open to engaging contractors, who already work for themselves and are looking for extra work.

How can I find out more?

Scroll our website,  Facebook & Instagram Pages.

Email your questions to


How do I apply?

Send an up to date CV and covering letter* (telling us why you would like to join our team and why we’d be crazy not to meet you).

Address it to:

Tom Anthoney, Practice Principal

* Please include an insight into who you are as a person, what you’re about, what you love (other than physiotherapy).