Willunga Physio’s GLAD Program really does help Arthritis

McLaren Vale, Aldinga and Willunga people are reaping the benefit of our new GLAD Physio program.

It seems it really helps people with Hip and Knee arthritis.

We have just finished our first Program and the feedback has been super positive,

30-50% improvements were made on all functional testing across the board.

Average Pain scores dropped by 20% for those doing the program and the use of pain medication was also notably reduced.

Feedback from our first group of GLADDERS included:

“I feel more confident in my knee now” Chris

” I feel less wobbly”  Meredith

“I’d highly recommend it to anyone with arthritic pain in their knees. After completing the 12 sessions my knees feel stronger and I have the confidence and skills to continue my exercise regime at home. The relaxed environment allowed everyone to feel comfortable. And even though these were group sessions, care was taken to ensure each individual was working within their own capabilities. And it was so much fun! Expect to laugh, enjoy some great tunes and to walk away from each session smiling. You might just have to put up with some questionable dance moves from Tom A.”  Helen M.

“Not only has it worked for my hip – it’s been good fun !!
It has been a very pleasant environment with a lot of individual professional attention.
And music to add to the motivation”  Meredith


So what is GLA:D?

The GLA:D program, (which stands for Good Living with Arthritis : Denmark) is a program that includes:

  • Education about Osteo Arthritis -what it is and what can be done to help
  • 12 Supervised Exercise sessions (45-50 mins of Physio exercises) to build strength, balance, confidence
  • Physio advice re walking, walking aids, and exercises to do at Home.
  • Great Tunes during the exercise sessions so you ‘ll leave with a smile  🙂 (eg Queen, Elton John, and the Bee Gees)

Can anyone join in?

Yes if your Physio thinks it will help you, but places are limited,

How do I get started?

You need to be assessed by one of our 3 Physios, who will do the testing required and map out a plan for you, with a re-assessment at 3 months

Does Private Health cover GLA:D?

Yes , if you have Private Health extras cover, you can get a rebate for each class using a T560 code


Want to know more ?

Call our clinic on 8556 4416 or click on the link below