Improve Muscle Tone, Posture, Prevent Back and Neck Pain.

Every body type is different, and every person wants to achieve a different goal. While some people may love a certain exercise, others may find it makes them sore, and depending on the injury a person has had, there are certain positions that we want to encourage, and ones we want to avoid.

For this reason we make individual programs for each person, tailored to their needs, goals and fitness level, and it allows you to come in whenever suits you to complete your individualised program as often as you like, not having  to worry about working around specific class times.

This individual approach to Pilates is known as Clinical Pilates, and as it sounds, it takes a more clinical approach to the setting up of a program and aims to make significant improvements in a person’s function and improve their injury/soreness/weakness. This is why we do 2-3 sessions 1 on 1 with the physio and client so that we can figure out exactly what type of exercise you need, and make sure that we are getting those improvements before we set you up to do the exercises yourself!

All of the Physios at Willunga Physio have extra qualifications in Clinical Pilates.

Once we have set up your program we will review your exercises regularly and offer suggestions to progress /improve them as you improve.

Clinical Pilates programs are covered by Private Health Rebates.

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that targets the core muscles of our body, and teaches our body to function in a normal way while these core muscles support our spine to prevent any unnecessary twinges and strains.

It’s not like going to the gym to get big arm muscles where you want to really “feel” it working, it should be comfortable and not overly taxing to do! This makes it a great form of exercise for people who have had previous injuries, people wanting to begin exercise but want to get a bit stronger first and work into it, or for those already exercising and want to reach a higher level of performance.

At Willunga Physio we love to give our clients strategies to keep themselves going well and staying as fit and strong (and pain free!) as we can.