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Winter is pruning time in the McLaren Vale region and that means lots of gripping … and that means Tennis Elbow.

Instant relief starts here with our Physios

So how can I have tennis elbow when  I don’t even play tennis?

Alexander Mammone, Physiotherapist at Willunga Physio who grew up in the McLaren Vale, surrounded by vines explains:

Pruning vines by hand is a very satisfying but repetitive task. We generally use our dominant hand and repeatedly grip our pruning snips row after row.

Repeated gripping puts stress on the forearm muscles that attach to the sides of the elbow. The ends of the muscles attach via with tendons and tendons can get sore if they’re not used to the load.

The tendons on the outside of the elbow form the “tennis elbow” and the ones on the underside are the “golfer’s elbow”.

Tennis elbow, tendons hurt when you pick up a log for the fire, or a heavy saucepan, even the kettle.

If we ignore the pain and keep on gripping / pruning/ working away eventually they even hurt lying in bed, or sitting in a chair.

So what can be done? … Lots. 

The Physios at WP are experts in the latest advances to relieve and fix Tennis Elbow 

Treatment may include:

  • Amazing new tape to unload the elbow >>  Instant Relief
  • Massage and dry needling >> Yes relief !!!
  • Cheap elbow braces fitted to help you in clinic (only $15)
  • Exercise advice to stretch and strengthen
  • Expert advice on what to do / what to avoid

With our unique, super thorough assessment we can generally reduce tennis elbow pain by 50 % in 2-3 visits.

What should I do first?

If you cant pick up the kettle without pain >> you need to rest, that means no gripping for a week, put an ice pack on the elbow (10-15minutes, every hour) and call us with your other hand today.

Alexander Mammone  is our local expert.

Alexander Mammone  is our local expert.

Identifying the reason is what we’re good at so give us a call on 85564416


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