What is this Ridgway Method anyway?

Over the past 2 years Tom Anthoney and Marc Elliott (Physios) have been training  hard in the Ridgway Method.

Why? What’s the fuss?

The Ridgway Method (RM) is an innovative way of assessing and treating injuries.

Developed by one of Queensland’s leading Sports Physiotherapist’s, Michael Ridgway, it is a thorough, systematic process of testing to find the underlying cause of a condition.Dianosis,fix,prevention

In the vast majority of Sports and Musculoskeletal conditions (like lower back pain or shoulder pain) this process leads to a rapid and full recovery. During the RM diagnosis phase you will trust that you are either going to get rapidly fixed or that a Plan B is required.

It helps us target treatment at the underlying cause of a condition, rather than just focusing on a sore spot.  

We check the whole body – every muscle, every joint, the full spine.

You can clearly see your progress charted including how many sessions will be required to have you pain free.

You are taught how to look after your condition to minimise recurrence – yep it still involves exercises and corrections that you can help with at work / home.

And once you are fixed it involves Tune Ups to keep you at full function –to treat any re accumulation of strain that may occur as a result of life’s challenges.

The value of your session lives on after you have left. We contact clients with emails explaining where we are up to in the RM process and with photos of results achieved and homework / exercises.

We are 100% focused on getting great results and have a high expectation of ourselves for you.

Tom is currently the only fully Certified RM Practitioner in SA and Marc is one of only 6 RM Practitioners in SA.

Want more information?

Follow the link: Willunga Ridgway Method