Have you or someone you know experienced shin splints?

Shin Splints is a condition referring to pain on the shin / the tibia bone either during, or after activity.
It generally occurs when someone increases their load quickly – increases in walking, returning to running, fitness or sports just to name a few.

The top 5 causes we see

1. Over – pronation or ‘flat feet’ can cause the shins to rotate in – causing excessive strain on them.

2. Weak or tight calf muscles

3. Lack of movement at the ankles

4. Exercising with the wrong footwear

5. Poor running / walking technique

If that sounds like you, to start we need to understand what is causing your shin splints,

as everyone’s cause can be different..

The best treatment we find that is helpful:

– Calf stretches and muscle releases. ie. trigger point and dry needling.
– Decrease the inflammation at the shin with ice
– Taping strategies to unload the shin
– Have a period of rest
– Commence exercises to build muscle strength around the shin.

What NOT to do:

– Rub your shins with heat cream. ie. deep heat
– Foam roll your shins – that increases inflammation and actually makes things worse
– Continuing activity when they are sore.
Author, Morgan Tucker October 2020