At Willunga Physio we offer a “Tune Up” service like your mechanic.
Why wait for back ache and neck pain to take hold?
You can book yourself in for a regular “hands on“ Tune Up every Month, or every 2 Months
Lots of our clients enjoy having some “hands on” Physio every 4-6 weeks, to keep them feeling good, before they actually get sore.
This is very different to the ‘old way’ of doing things, where people would wait until they really couldn’t move and then need 2 or 3 weeks of Physio treatments to get better.
A typical Tune-UP will involve:
… Nerve assessment and mobilization
… Massage
… Dry needling
… Joint mobilization/ manipulation
… Checking of your home exercises
And it is all designed to keep you in great shape.
BUT wait, there’s more…
Every fourth Tune- Up is half price, so you save 10 to 15% on the cost of every session over the course of the year.

Want to learn more, or book someone in?

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