Physio for Surfers Shoulder in Aldinga 

Can’t surf because of Surfers’ shoulder??  Our Physios hear this a lot, especially  when the water is cold at Port Willunga, Aldinga and Seaford

“I can’t surf because I can’t paddle, and I feel like I’m 75 years old”

“Surfers love to surf and are not happy if they can’t get out  in the water” says Practice Principal, Tom Anthoney .

Tom knows this all too well as he has been surfing all around Australia for more than 35 years.

He  said:

“People will often rub their shoulder when they are sitting in the line up and I  cant resist asking if their shoulders are worrying them. They complain that it hurts when they are reaching up to paddle and when they are getting in and out of their wetsuits. There’s lots we can do as Physios to help, but  I don’t always let on that I’m a Physio, or I will end up getting the whole story as I really just want to get some waves myself.

So I thought I’d write a blog to explain what can actually  be done and how Physios can help.

Tom surfs the mid coast, around Aldinga and Port Willunga in summer and winter too. People complain more in winter though as our bodies stiffens up and we can “over-reach” when paddling to compensate for the stiffness. Repeated paddling can inflame the tendons and eventually the shoulder bursa.  Surfers often ask me “do you reckon a cortisone would help?” And my answer is Yes, but in the short term, & it definitely doesn’t FIX the problem.

So how do we fix it?

Firstly you have to have some time out of the water. You cant keep poking the bear, and expect it not to get angry.

And paddling pokes it hard. So no surfing for 2 weeks.

While you’re resting get assessed by a Physio who knows surfers, yes that’s us, and they will give you a series of exercises to address two (2) things:

1. Stiff and Tight areas that may need loosening

2. Weak or under used muscles- to take pressure off the inflamed ones

Your Physio will  also use their hands to loosen you up, with massage, mobilisation, manipulation and dry needling.

They may suggest Ice, and anti-inflammatory options to help settle the inflamed tendons.

And they will provide you with hot tips, things to avoid and things that will help your recovery.

So what next?

If you live in Aldinga , Port Willunga or Seaford, book in today by calling 85564416

Or book yourself in online

And stop surfing for a bit, unless of course its super clean and epic

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