In our last blog Physio Tom Anthoney discussed the 25% increase in back pain presenting to Physio in Mclaren Vale, Aldinga and Willunga this year.

Our Physios believe it is largely attributable to the increased levels of sitting and the limited exercises that’s resulted from lockdowns, restriction and working from home.

So, what’s so bad about sitting?

Alf Nachemso, back in 1990 discovered that pressure on the spine in sitting is significantly higher in sitting than standing. Like 80% higher, and that’s with good posture.

When we slouch it is 120% higher than standing!!

So if we must sit, we should sit with good posture whenever possible.

But it feels un-natural!

Have a look at how a 5 year old sits. They sit tall , with their weight forward ,leaning on their “bum bones” not their tailbones. Its how the spine is happy-naturally. We then train the spine to feel more comfortable in Flexion, slouching on the couch, in our cars and at our desks.

So lets make it as easy as possible to sit tall –lets use our technology to help.

A good chair is essential, so lets talk about how to set it up properly.

Seat height

You should be able to drop your hands to the keyboard

Most Office chairs we look at are too low-so people have to hitch their shoulders up -making them work too hard. So put your chair up ( that’s the front up-down  lever)

Your Feet should still touch the ground- so you may need  a foot rest if they don’t.


Lumbar support sits above the buttocks

NB the gap in most chairs is for your buttocks

You can adjust the support with the big knob just under the backrest


The tilt of the chair should be tipped forward 3-5 degrees

( This helps you sit up tall, on your “Bum Bones” )

You can adjust this with the “other” lever at the side of your office chair

And Yes it does feel “unnatural” initially,,, but remember the 5 year old

It is of course possible to sit badly on a good chair, so set reminders on your phone to re set regularly…and get up and move every 50 mins or so

Try the Free Exercises to prevent back pain and neck pain available on our website

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Disclaimer: This is general advice, based on ideal equipment and scenarios. If unsure seek a personalised, ergonomics assessment – yes we will come to you