Our Services

Comprehensive Assessment

Your Physio will listen carefully and will take you through a thorough physical examination.

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Sports Injuries

Our team of Physiotherapists have all been involved with sports and sporting teams at many levels.

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Understanding Pain

In recent years we have learnt lots more about pain.

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Clinical Pilates

Our Physios have special qualifications in Clinical Pilates, obtained through Dance Medicine Australia.

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling relies on the stimulation of specific reactions in the target tissue for its therapeutic effect, this has found to be effective for relief of pain in muscles and connective tissue.

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Headache Treatment…The Watson Method

We use the “Watson Method” to identify whether your headache may be neck related.This involves taking a detailed history and a thorough examination. Our examination will check if the joints in your neck, nerves or muscles may be at fault.

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Spinal Mobilisation/Manipulation
Muscle Energy/ Pelvic realignment
Pain management – Education – Advice
Stretching / Strengthening exercises
Hot mud / heat treatments