NDIS services at Willunga Physio are different. Participants enjoy “hands on” treatment AND exercise.
And you will always see the SAME physio to build rapport.

At Willunga Physio we understand our NDIS clients still want “hands on” treatment like massage and stretching for tight / sore muscles.
It’s hard to build capacity for work if your legs are always sore.
Exercises, Hydro and Pilates are helpful, but we all need a bit of “love” too.

So, we do both: Treatment and Exercise

For example, a client may have Down Syndrome and gets tired legs from working 3 days a week
When they see us for Physio, we often start with some “hands on” massage sessions as we get to know each other, we start exercising with some simple stretching.
Then we will move into the Gym – Pilates Studio or Pool.

By always seeing the same Physio it helps our clients build rapport and trust.

We are a small team, and we don’t have staff coming / going / changing all the time ….as we all love working at Willunga Physio.

We make a lot of jokes as Physio should be fun.

We are Different

WE have a masseur who clients can see too…. It is cheaper than seeing a Physio every time $$$

We refer clients to her, once we know what works best.
And we are happy to remain carers/ mentors to help supervise home programs /stretching etc.
We provide simple reminders with pictures to follow – as we all forget our exercises.