In the last 12 months we have seen an increase in people presenting to Physio from the McLaren Vale region with Low Back Pain (LBP) of 25%

So why is there so much Low Back Pain in the McLaren Vale region at the moment?
Lots of people come in for Physio in the weeks after Vintage with back pain, and this often relates to long hours and repetitive tasks when fatigued.
But what else is going on in suburban Aldinga, Willunga, McLaren Vale?
In 2020, we saw lots of clients who we’re working from home. This meant less sitting when driving / commuting but often more sitting at less than ergonomic work stations.

Prolonged sitting 🪑 in poor positions is the main cause of low back pain.

So maybe we blame this?

Often people say that they are “fine in sitting, it just hurts when I go to get up”
If that’s you, the sitting IS the problem, and your spine is getting stiff/stuck there.

A great investment is a  good ergonomic chair like these.

Or even better a sit – stand desk.

Alternating between sitting and standing, reduces the stress on muscles, ligaments and discs.
Initially, standing for an hour every session (before/after lunch) may be enough to take some pressure off.
Clients often find they get used to standing for longer and longer and end up standing all day.
The sit-stand desks shown here, sit on top of any desk/table and can be adjusted up/down in 5-10 seconds. Easy.
If you are in Willunga , McLaren Vale, or Aldinga the closest supplier is Officeworks at Noarlunga.
These are a great investment to help ease your Low Back Pain
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Next Months blog :We will show you how to set up your home office ergonomically