Posture Poles are the best invention in 20 years!! And it is an Australian invention 🙂

My first recommendation for those who have a posture pole is to start by lying on it for……….3 minutes max.

It can be a big change for those who might sit round shouldered all day, or holding their heads forward driving, looking at computers etc. It helps relieve those neck, shoulder and back pain.

  1. Start by lying on your back, head on the soft spot, chin tucked down, and knees bent. Let your arms hang comfortably to your sides, arms at 90 degrees to your body, palms up. We call this ” the SPLAT”…….just breathe and let gravity do the work. Simple.    Remember to check now and again that your chin is down, which helps make the back of your neck long.   Breathe here for a minute.
  1. Next, slide your hands in closer to your sides, roll your palms down flat. Keeping your chin tucked, slide your hands towards your feet, making your neck as long as possible. This is harder work but can really help to get your shoulders down. Hold it for a minute, keep breathing gently.
  1. Finish by returning to the SPLAT and relax there for another minute. As you find the posture pole more comfortable you can try holding each position for longer, but 10 minutes is a general max.

Posture poles are available through Willunga Physiotherapy.

In this video our Physio Tom Anthoney shows you how to get the most out of your posture pole.