Suffering an irritated nerve can be extremely frustrating, with wide spread symptoms.

Our Physios often talk about how “muscles protect nerves”. So… unhappy nerves are often responsible for  lots of muscle tightness and pains.
At Willunga  Physio we know how important it is to release the nerves if they are restricted, and focus on making them happy ASAP 🙂

But  what is the best approach to follow between your treatment sessions ?

Rest, exercise, or a bit of both?

The nerves tend to feel better when we are active and moving around,.

However “end range” activities can aggravate these nerves stirring them up.

So you will need to avoid things that really stretch the nerves, like kicking a ball, spending a lot of time bending, sitting, reaching, etc..

Basically avoid activities that really stretch our limbs or spine until your nerves test really well.

Gentle exercise, however IS to be encouraged.

Things like going for a gentle walk can be beneficial in keeping these nerves happy (just avoid really stretching into a long stride).

Your Physio will give you some gentle exercises that are specifically designed to keep your nerves in great shape.

Remember not to push these exercises too hard ( just to the very first point of stretch /stiffness )

Also trying to maintain a good posture in whatever you are doing, so keeping your back nice and straight, not slouching, keeping your shoulders back and neck nice and long.

Keeping these nerves happy between sessions saves time your physio will need to spend clearing them at the start of your session, leaving more time to get the the bottom of what is tightening them up in the first place!


Author, Tom Anthoney March 2021