In our last blog we discussed how stress can make pain feel worse.

So how can we reduce stress and its affect on our bodies?

There is lots of evidence that supports the following strategies

1. Mindfulness

– focusing on breathing and relaxing your body…

Follow the simple directions of a tailor made app  like CALM or Headspace.

2. Do some simple exercise.

Like walking, tai chi or Pilates…. ask your Physio to guide you in what will be safe and effective

3. Have a laugh.

Laughing releases endorphins and has the opposite effect on your neck and face muscles  to grinding your teeth and clenching.
All Headache/migraine sufferers should try and laugh more
Watch a funny television show, rather than a serious show /drama/ news.
Eg “would I lie to you” (ABC)… sooo funny 
Ask your friends and family if anything funny has happened  today?

4. Talk to someone about why you’re feeling stressed.

Sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved. Maybe you need some professional help? Psychologists are good at listening and offering professional strategies

NB we are a team of physiotherapist’s.
We will help you with the physical aspects of your condition, and also consider how other factors, like stress, can influence recovery.
If you found this blog helpful, please share it with a friend or someone else who may also benefit.

Author, Tom Anthoney September 2020