Willunga Physio use a unique 5 Step Process to thoroughly assess your whole body. Including nerves, joints and muscles, 

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Our Full Body Assessment make sure we don’t miss anything and get you back on track as soon as possible. This process can be completed with appointments in rapid succession to get to the bottom of your issue in days – not weeks/months!

Below is a quick video with snippets of Marc ( one of the first Physios we trained in this process) taking a client through the process, highlighting the thorough process and how large improvements can be made within a session.

Our longer appointments allow us to leave no stone unturned, and to test multiple areas of the body to figure out which dysfunction throughout your body is the underlying cause to your condition. It may be in the area you are experiencing pain and discomfort, or it may be a completely remote part of your body that you had no idea was involved! With this process you can be confident that there is no guessing, because we only treat the spot that gets us the most dramatic improvements and the fastest results.

Step 1   We listen to you and ensure we are working towards your goal.

Step 2   We check out the “injured” area first for any “nasties”, or things that may require a scan or further review, in which case we can organise this and refer you on. We then check the neural tension in all areas of the body – because the nerves are the most sensitive structures in the body, and muscles protect nerves, so by fixing the nerves first, everything else we do will work better and last longer!

Step 3   Once nerves are clear, we assess your whole body, head to toe, and come up with a list of dysfunctions or “unhappy signs” – these are the things in your body that aren’t 100%, and could be contributing to your condition.

Step 4   We then test all of these “unhappy signs”, by releasing them one at a time, and measuring how much we had found, if at all, they improve your presenting issue – once we release the underlying cause, lots of your dysfunctions will improve, and it will be obvious to both us and the client that this is an important spot to fix in order to fast track their recovery!

Step 5   When we have found the underlying cause, and everyone is confident that this is the key spot that needs to be fixed, we will work on this point to get as much improvement as we can, as fast as we can.

Step 6   We will teach the client strategies to look after this spot between appointments, exercises to improve this area, and self release strategies to speed up their recovery.

Step 7   When the client is going well, we can look at any residual bits of tightness that may be left, and progress their exercises to a suitable level. We also then push appointments out to “tune ups”, where every fourth tune up is half price and we are just working to keep you good, instead of fixing you when you are broken!