Appointments & Fees

Physio for Willunga, McLaren Vale & Aldinga

What to expect at Physiotherapy

Our Physios have longer appointments than most and use a full body assessment.Please allow an hour for your first appointment and dress appropriately(i.e. singlet top and shorts—we have private areas you can use to change if needed.)

Your Physio will use a 5 step process  to ensure a rapid and complete solution using a thorough, individual approach, while minimising the chance of missing any important factors.

Your Appointment:

Our Practice understands the importance of one-on-one attention.

When you reserve a session with one of our Physios they set aside that time solely for your care.

We value your time and endeavour to start and end each session on time (within 5 minutes). To help in this, we will write your appointment on a card for you every time and will send out SMS reminder text messages the day before. Please note this is an automated message and we cannot read replies. Should you need to change or cancel your appointment please call us with as much notice as possible. We regularly have clients in pain on a waiting list. Cancellations or changes made with less than 4 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee.

What to bring

Relevant X-rays / Scans
Dr’s letters
Running shoes (if you are a runner)

Can I claim a rebate from my private health fund?

Yes we are a registered provider with all health funds.
We have a HICAPS terminal so you can claim your rebate ‘on the spot’
Please contact your health fund if you wish to check your exact rebate.

Do I need a referral?

Referrals are only necessary when you are attending as a D.V.A (department of veteran affairs), WorkCover or MVA (motor vehicle accident) patient, or are qualifying for treatment under the medicare EPC system.
Physiotherapists will often work together with doctors, chiropractic’s and other health professionals to plan and manage treatment for your specific condition.

Our Fees

At Willunga Physio, we have longer appointment times to allow for our thorough approach to assessment and treatment.

Your appointment involves uninterrupted Physio time 1:1 with you (no rushing in between cubicles etc).

We have a Tiered Fee Structure as outlined in the APA’s service descriptors.Within this structure, the most experienced Physiotherapists bill at a higher rate. We place a high value on further training and experience.

A Standard Consultation involves 30 minutes with the Physio.

An Initial Consultation involves 50-60 minutes with the Physio.

Longer Consultations are also available on request-to get you back to work / sport / life faster (hour sessions are billed at double the half hour/standard appt rate).


We are a registered provider with all health funds.
We have a HICAPS terminal so you can claim your rebate ‘on the spot’.
To confirm your specific gap payment please call your private health insurer & quote the below codes.
Initial Consultation – Code 500 | Standard Consultation – Code 505

Tom Daw - Physio

In clinic

Clinic Standard   $103

Clinic Initial   $155

Alex Mammone - Physio

In clinic 

Clinic Standard   $103

Clinic Initial   $155

Tom Anthoney - Principal Physio

In clinic

Clinic Standard   $148

 Clinic Initial    $222