In our Physio clinic, people often present with back and neck pain and other muscular strains for “no reason.”
By this, they mean they have done nothing different than what they normally do.
So why is it hurting now?

Could it be stress?

We have had so many clients ask this question since COVID-19 became part of our world.  There is certainly lots of stress / worry / stressors around.

The influence on stress on musculoskeletal conditions is massive.  Many of us “hold our stress “ in our neck.
Lots of people have been sleeping with their fists clenched and their jaws tightened.
This is an obvious  “ outward “effect of stress… and being “too busy”

Others Notice that pain is worse, when something “big” is going on in their life. 

It may be an issue with a family member, the loss of a job, grieving a loss, or just uncertainty re the future.

These ‘stressors’ can pre – load the nervous system . So the nervous system is switched on. On high alert . Psychologists refer to this heightened state as the “fight/flight “ response.

It is a natural protective mechanism goes back to the caveman days.  Here comes a Tyrannosaurus Rex… We better run … or grab a weapon, stay and fight.

When the nervous system is in the state for a prolonged period of time, it is very tiring.

Aches and pains can also be magnified, to draw our attention….so they feel much worse than they would usually.

It is similar reaction to when we get a cold. The nervous system goes into high alert, looking for danger, and everything hurts.

Stress can have the same effect.

So what can be done about this… Keep an eye out for the next blog for some simple strategies and solutions.

Author, Tom Anthoney September 2020