Benefits of Pilates at Willunga Physio

 Pilates at WP&P is a great way to strengthen your lower back.

It involves a series of strengthening exercises tailored specifically for you

Recently people have been asking us what is Pilates all about and how to get involved?

What is Pilates?

Well Pilates is a whole body exercise program that helps to Improve Muscle Tone and Posture while Preventing pain. Pilates is not a strength model but rather a neural one. Every body type is unique which us physios refer to as flexion or extension bias (you prefer either bending forwards or backwards). Pilates starts off with simple uni-directional exercises that are tailored to your body’s movement preferences. Most clients will progress to multi-directional exercises as they improve however others will only be able to tolerate uni-directional exercises and so progression is made with more challenging staged exercises.

How Does it work?

Pilates involves undertaking multiple exercises that are tailored to your posture and goals using loaded springs on either a reformer or trapeze. These 2 devices have been develop with alterations made over many years starting with the first prototype designed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920’s. Specific mat work exercises can also be used at home to maintain gains that have been made between sessions.


What can Pilates help you with?

Pilates can help with multiple conditions such as:

– low back pain

                    – Improved posture

                    – Improved flexibility

                    – Improved muscle tone and control

                    – Improved cardiovascular health.

                    – Improved lung capacity and circulation.

                    – Improved concentration and body awareness

                    – Reduce stress and improved relaxation

                    – Improved balance and coordination

Here at Willunga physiotherapy & Pilates we tailor individual Pilates programs to suit your body’s preferred movement patterns to better improve your posture and achieve your goals.

To get involved with Pilates at our clinic simply book a session with one of our physiotherapists who will monitor your posture and create a specific program for you.

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