Leading Physio, Tom Anthoney, from Willunga Physiotherapy discusses why not all exercises were created equal when it comes to easing low back pain.

Physios are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain.

They do a minimum 4 years of fulltime University study, learning the anatomy and biomechanics of the body.

Mr Anthoney said Not all spinal pain is the same, and not all back pain is caused by the same thing.

So a standard sheet or recipe of exercises can’t possibly help everyone.”

Physiotherapists provide exercises based on the individual.

So if you have strained your back from bending and lifting pavers all day in the garden, they will not prescribe exercises that involve more bending.

They may suggest you do the opposite, to reverse the pressure, as seen in the exercises below

But these may not be appropriate initially for your spine.

Good Physios will assess you individually and may prescribe treatments and positions you need to use first before the exercises will work.

Mr Anthoney explains “sometimes if you’ve strained something badly we will recommend ice and bed rest (the first 48 hours), and minimal exercises to allow things to settle. Exercises can be aggravating if done too early.”

So the lesson in all this? Don’t rule out exercises as a solution for your back pain because you’ve ‘tried some already’.

Seek a qualified Physio who specialises in back pain,

They will explain how to do the exercises, how many, as well as what not to do.

And only do exercises that seem to be helping