1. Take a “Smoko”!

THAT got your attention :).  Now, when your work colleagues get up and go outside for a ‘smoke break’, get up and go with them. Be sure to stand ‘up wind’, but a short break, regularly from our seated work posture is the best way to give your neck and back muscles a break.

Walking and rolling your shoulders for a minute gets you out of that static seated posture and gives your muscles a chance to re-charge. Often we work better after a short break anyway!

  1. Buy a good chair!

An easy way to take some tension out of your shoulders is to ensure your office chair is set up correctly. You will need a gas/hydraulic up/down chair to do it. Spend the $$, they are gold.

  1. Adjust your chair

Using the lever that lifts you up/down ensure your seat is high enough that you can drop your hands and shoulders down to the keyboard.

A low seat and the subsequent shoulder shrugging required to get your hands up on the keyboard is an easy thing to change.  Your shoulders will love you.  And if your feet then do not reach the ground you have just found the perfect spot to keep the Yellow pages.

 That other lever on the gas, up/down chairs adjusts the back rest angle, but also and more importantly the angle of the part you are actually sitting on.  Tipping this forward (even as little as 3-4 degrees) throws your weight forward onto your feet, so you sit on your ‘bum bones’ not your tail bone.

N.B. It can take a day or two to adjust but is worth persisting. The lumbar support in new cars also does this, and if all else fails a Lumbar Roll (from your friendly physio) strapped to your seat will help sit you up.


 4. Exercise

Our bodies need movement and different positions but winter is really conducive to sitting on the couch, drinking Milo. A 5 minute walk daily, can really help prevent back pain. 10 minutes a day is better and 25 minutes, Tremendous!  But 5 minutes will do….remember follow those smokers out or walk to the bakery, just get moving! Now would also be a good time to restart the exercises your physio gave you.