Pain from the sciatic nerve down the leg can make it almost impossible to sleep.
As you know, at Willunga Physio we specialise in the assessment and treatment of the nervous system – and sciatica is one of the most common conditions we treat
So how can you sleep with it?

Here are a couple of key suggestions to try.

1. Try sleeping on your back with one or two pillows under your knees.  Alternatively try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your knees and the sore leg on top.

2. Make sure that you do not have more than one firm pillow under your head.

** this is critical – and a common mistake**

Even if you normally have two pillows, you need to drop back to one firm pillow.  Why?  Because the sciatic nerve runs from the spinal cord which is attached to your neck.If your neck is flexed forward there is more pressure/tension on your nervous system.  Try it.

3. Follow the exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist, but do NOT stretch your hamstring or sciatic nerve at all within two hours of going to bed… This can irritate it if you do… Interrupting your sleep.

4. Talk to your GP about anti-inflammatory medication.  The prescription varieties taken with an evening meal or a glass of milk before bed can really help Sciatic Pain.

5.Identify the cause -by booking in with one of our highly skilled physiotherapists. Note- X-rays and scans do not always show the reason why your sciatica is persisting.

Identifying the reason is what we’re good at so give us a call today.