Ridgway Method

Sports Physiotherapy | Chronic Pain | Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

For your most thorough, rapid, and long-lasting results possible.

RM Diagnosis

You experience a thorough, systematic logical process that tests for the underlying cause of your condition.

  • In the vast majority of Sports and Musculoskeletal conditions this process leads to a rapid and full recovery.
  • During the RM Diagnosis you will trust that you are either going to get rapidly fixed, or a ‘Plan B’ is required

In a small percentage of conditions this process quickly identifies that a referral for a different management of the condition is most appropriate i.e. We either help you directly, or we help you find someone who can – we don’t continue treating without results.
Typically this process occurs in 60-120 minutes depending on the complexity of the condition.

RM Fix

Treatment to the underlying cause of a condition to achieve full function, pain-free.
You clearly see your progress charted including how long and how many sessions will be required to achieve full function pain free.
Importantly – this involves teaching you how to look after your condition to minimise recurrence.
Typically this process requires 30-180 minutes depending on the complexity of the condition.


RM Tune Up

Prevention is better than the cure!
The RM Tune Up aim is for you to look after your condition for yourself.
There are three main reasons you want RM Tune Ups:
1. To test and confirm your good self-management
2. Check your exercises / homework.
3. To treat any re-accumulation of strain that occurred in between RM Tune Ups as a result of life’s challenges
The average optimal Tune Up frequency for non-elite athletes is graduated to 30 minutes every 3 months.


About Pain

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Why we suffer pain

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